Untitled Books is an ongoing portrait series of found books that are re-bound with blank pages and given to the person that most reflects the cover. It is theirs to do as they please.

Untitled (Liz Jeneid) 

Untitled (Sam McPhee) 

Untitled (Thomas Marnin) 

Untitled (Brian Hagerman) 

Untitled (Stuart Brown) 

Untitled (Harris Johnson) 

Untitled (Rollin Beamish) 

Untitled (Ariel Zakarison) 

Untitled (Mie Christensen) 

Untitled (Beki Basch) 

Untitled (Levi Phelps) 

Untitled (Kristin Vogel) 

Untitled (Ken Rand) 

Untitled (Hannah Strong) 

Untitled (Cale Hofferber) 

Untitled (Ryan Mitchell) 

Untitled (April Hale) 

Untitled (Franz Amelang) 

Untitled (Skye Saylor) 

Untitled (Max Hoaglund) 

Untitled (Olga Brindar) 

Untitled (Trevor Burks) 

Untitled (Marcus Lund) 

Untitled (Loren Johnson) 

Untitled (Amber Moyles)